Sander Janson launches 2BSLIM sauces

Sander Janson launches 2BSLIM sauces

Sander Janson 2Bslim

Healthy and tasty food was never so easy. Sander Janson recently launched under the name 2BSlim a line of responsible sauces during a specially organized lunch at Crazy Kitchen in Amsterdam

The presentation of the launch was of course in the hands of the presenter and ambassador of the brand in the Netherlands: Sander Janson. “In this time where the focus is on very healthy food, for me it is great as I’m myself already dedicated to this for years. I think 2BSlim products are a great outcome to eat healthier and more aware. By linking my name to this brand I try to bring these products to as many people’s attention “says Sander. “I heard a long time ago all of these sauces and I am happy to be part of the brand. I am added to the team and it makes me really proud and I think it’s fantastic to be now officially involved in this beautiful brand, “Janson says.

These sauces contain 0% fat, no sugar but 100% taste from natural ingredients. They contain just one calorie per serving. They are also gluten-, lactose-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The innovative line of healthy sauces is IFS certified and HACCP accredited, which means that is what you taste is what you get.

The presentation took place in the presence of the creator of the 2BSlim sauces Miquel Ferrando Pascual. He came especially over from Barcelona to present its innovative brand to the guests.

Miquel has dedicated his life to the sport and he trains to compete in IRON MAN competitions. He completed the 70.3 in Abu Dhabi and also the 70.3 in Budapest. Also he participated in the TITAN DESSERT; 600km cycling in six days through the desert of Morocco. He trains under the guidance of a dietician and a personal trainer and is preparing now for the Iron man in Hawaii 3 June 2017. His whole life is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. Of course the products of 2BSlim play an important role in his diet.

The product line has been expanded besides the sauces with oatmeal, pancakes, oat flakes, protein cookies and protein powder, natural but also in different flavors. But it does not stop there. 2BSlim will launch soon more healthy and innovative products. The 2BSLIM products are now distributed to more than 24 countries and it keeps expanding. In the Netherlands 2BSlim is available at the Body en fit shop, XXL Nutrition, Vitamin Stores and Drugstores DIO beside others.

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