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About Us


About Our Company

The company expands, modernizes, enhances the quality of production and increases the range of products since its foundation.

Except for supplies to chain stores and large companies in the domestic market, we also supply our products abroad. The sale of products extends it to markets in almost all the EU, Africa, UAE and other countries.

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All our products are made of high quality raw materials without any preservatives and artificial ingredients, providing them with high quality without damage to our health.

Zero Food Service is equipped with production technology, quality certificates and is able to ensure constant supply of their products even in the largest extent.


The basic philosophy of the company is the effort to offer the best healthy products to our customers and to everyone’s satisfaction.

The company vision is based on the high quality and professionalism of our employees and a good service.
No doubt that we will constantly continue innovating new products to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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