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1000Island Sauce

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1000Island Sauce 0%

Gluten Free

Lactose Free

Aspartame Free

Suitable for Vegatarians/vegans

INGREDIENTS: water, vinegar , thickener : cellulose gum , xanthan gum, guar gum ; citrus fiber , salt, tomato puree, herbs, spices , food acid : citric acid ; dye : titanium dioxide, carotenes ; preservative potassium sorbate ; sweetener sucralose , black carrot extract .

Energy 26KJ/6Kcal
Fat 0,00g
Of wich saturated 0,00g
Carbs 1,10g
Of wich saturated 0,00g
Fibres 2,50g
Protein 0,20
Salt 1,95g
Energy 4KJ/1Kcal
Fat 0,00g
Of wich saturated 0,00g
Carbs 0,00g
Of wich saturated 0,00g
Fibres 0,40g
Protein 0,00
Salt 0,30

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